It will never ever deliver inefficient drop of water...

Powerjet Engineering would like to present our self as a manufacturer & dealer for High Pressure Water Jet equipment, ultrasonic cleaner, sewer cleaning equipments & other environmental products and providing services in various industries. Our company has founded by Mr. Prakash M. Arekar and established in May 2001.

We have extended our product service in various industries like chemical, Engineering, Poultries, Hotel, Hospitals, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, navy, thermal power plants, ship yard, mining, Jewellery manufacturers & Exporters, food processing units, automobile industry, container repair yards, defense, dairies, hotel industry, ports, steel industry etc.

Powerjet Engineering believes in cleaning for better quality and offer complete solution for your all kind of cleaning related problems. By using water as a tool high-pressure jet remove sturbborn and heavy dirt layers within a minutes. Our motto is cleaning with ease and dignity. Our system is versatile cleaning equipment, which achieves high degree of cleaning efficiency. High-pressure water jet systems are basically classified in to two parts that is intermittent and continuous duty cycle machine based on the application areas. To suit specific customer requirement we are offering complete range of High Pressure Water Jet System.

  • Our Policy

    Our Policy lies on 3 ‘ S'




  • Satisfaction

    We are bound to achieve customer satisfaction by providing better quality product with competitive prices. We are also trying to satisfy our suppliers, Bankers, technical associates, colleagues by maintaining the transparent business relations.

  • Suitable Product

    We at Powerjet engineering committed to provide Suitable and appropriate product to our end user by understanding their need and applications.


  • Service

    We are committed to provide faster & better services to our clients for all the time.

Product range

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